Do gutters HAVE to be removed when replacing a roof?

By Tom •  Updated: 01/21/23 •  4 min read

Unfortunately, there is no one answer and this one really depends on your specific roof, the work you are having done, and what type of gutters you have.

There are truly two questions lurking here:

  1. Should your gutters be removed when replacing the roof? AND…
  2. If removed, should you re-use your existing gutters or get brand-new ones?

Generally, if you can afford it, it’s ideal to get new gutters and roof as part of one job. This will ensure that your gutters and roof work optimally together.

If you are getting a complete roof tear off and replacement then the gutters will have to come off.

There are a number of variables when deciding on whether to replace your old gutters with new ones:

If you do forgo gutter replacement along with the roof replacement, it WILL be cheaper of course so that is something to consider. 

If you don’t remove gutters and install them when your roof is being replaced you risk:

If you do leave your gutters on while getting a new roof installed, be sure your roofing contractor cleans the gutters after the roofing process is completed.

Questions to ask your roofer about your gutters before getting a new roof

Can you reattach old gutters after getting a new roof?

Yes. That will definitely save you money but your gutters should be in good shape if you’re going to do this because why waste the cost of re-installing old gutters that you’ll need to remove in a couple of years anyway? Got rust, leaks, holes and other damage? Probably better to get new gutters altogether.

Should you replace gutters before or after new roof?

It doesn’t make sense to get new gutters installed right BEFORE you get a new roof. Ideally, you should replace your gutters as part of the work of getting a new roof.

Do roofing companies deal with guttering?

Yes, generally, your roofer can either handle the installation themselves or will have subcontractors they work with that can do the job. They may also offer gutter cleaning or repair.

Do gutters need to be removed to replace siding?

Gutter removal may be necessary to access existing siding. If a patch of siding must be replaced, only the gutter pieces directly above and below the area need to be removed.

After the new siding is installed, gutters can generally be reattached to their original locations.


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